Senseless vandalism angers Batlow

Volunteers involved with the Origin Pathways project can’t understand why several plaques have been targeted by vandals.

Many Batlow residents are outraged about $1000 worth of damage to plaques that are part of the Origin Pathway project at the Memorial Park.

On Sunday, Do It For Batlow members were notified that the plaques had been badly scratched.

The project commemorates the work of doctors Tom and Doreen Hyder, who delivered many babies over three decades at the old Batlow Hospital, as well as those who were born at the hospital, and the hospital itself, which was destroyed in the Dunns Road bushfire.

It is being paid for with money that was donated, granted and raised by the Batlow community.

Project spokesman Kevin Smith is understandably upset about the damage, as are many in the Batlow community.

“It’s upsetting that people do atrocious things behind everyone’s back, in the cover of darkness,” he said.

What would have motivated the actions of those responsible has baffled many.

“It doesn’t make sense,” Mr Smith said.

“This is a volunteer thing to recognise the hospital, the doctors and the people born there. A lot of people have expressed their disappointment at the lack of respect.”

The project is due to be opened next week.

Meanwhile, police have no CCTV footage and no suspects have been identified at this point.