20 early entry offers at THS

Tumut High School.

Twenty Year 12 students at Tumut High School have already received early entry offers to Charles Sturt University, with other unis expected to release their offers starting later this month.

THS Careers Advisor Jo-Ann Stroud said this year’s cohort of seniors has seized some of the online opportunities created last year because of Covid and have been watching webinars and reading information being sent around about early entry opportunities.

“Last year seven applied and got offers, so it nearly tripled,” she said.

The first round of CSU offers are unconditional, which means the students have been accepted into their courses, regardless of how they perform in this year’s Higher School Certificate.

“This is the first [round of offers] and all the students have got an offer, which is pretty cool,” said Mrs Stroud.

“But there’s still lots of others to come.”

Jeane van der Merwe was among the students receiving their CSU offers during the last week of Term 2. She said it’s been a relief and that nursing at CSU Wagga was her first preference.

“I was busy driving myself and a friend to our TVET nursing course in Wagga and she saw a message from our friends who also applied to check our emails… I parked and quickly checked mine and freaked… we both called our mums and were screaming with excitement at each other,” she said.

Madison Reinders was also accepted into a Bachelor of Nursing at Wagga CSU, but said she’s still considering whether she’ll accept or apply for the military.

“After we leave high school it’s completely new, so picking different career paths like the military or different courses or campuses is just a way for us to explore more and get more opportunities and experiences,” she said.

“That’s why I would pick different options, it’s not like we’re locked into one option forever.”

Both young women said they value CSU Wagga’s nearness to the Snowy Valleys and their families.

“It’s close enough to home to still get help and support from my parents but far enough away where I’ll have my own space to grow as an adult outside of high school,” said Miss van der Merwe.

“It’s also a nice thing because I get to move in with my older sister.”

Miss Reinders agreed, “It’s closest to my family, friends and socials which will make it easier to adjust to after school life and balance everything.”

Mrs Stroud said the university has been campaigning strongly at local high schools, establishing an ‘Advantage Program’ which starts preparing Year 12 students for university even while they’re still at high school.

“They invite them over to the campus, they get a hoodie and merchandise and they start preparing them for uni from now until when they start,” she said.

“They started it last year but ramped it up this year.”

Other students at THS have received offers into courses in teaching, paramedicine, pharmacy and more.

Mrs Stroud said there seem to be more opportunities for local jobs and university placements than ever before.

“There are a lot of jobs going at the moment,” she said. 

“Employers are contacting me personally… There’s so many opportunities.”