$3000 raised for Motor Neurone Disease

Patricia Mangelsdorf and Monica Webb volunteering at the street stall for Motor Neurone Disease on Friday.

Friday’s street stall for Motor Neurone Disease, organised and manned by volunteers, has raised over $3000 for the NSW MND Association.

Motor Neurone Disease causes the sufferer’s muscles to rapidly degenerate, leaving them completely dependent on care and taking their lives within an average period of two to five years.

The street stall was organised by two women who have lost their husbands to the illness, and many of the volunteers said MND had also personally touched their lives.

“I can remember my auntie having it, and my uncle gave up work to look after her,” said volunteer Patricia Mangelsdorf.

“He was absolutely marvellous. What he did, even in the last stages – he would turn her in bed and do everything for her. He learned to do these wonderful tapestries while he was caring for her; I’ve never seen anything like it. He really was the most beautiful man.”

“I know a few people who have suffered from it and it’s just awful,” added volunteer Monica Webb.

“Motor Neurone Disease is a pretty horrendous disease, and the awful thing is that people still have their intellect, they can still understand everything that’s happening to them.

“The incidence is 3.5 in every 100,000, but you don’t see people in the final stages of the disease, so it’s a bit hidden away.”

The ladies sold merchandise embossed with the blue cornflower, a symbol of hope, and sold tickets for a wood raffle and a Mother’s Day raffle. They said they were touched by the community’s support, with $3000 raised in one day being a pretty impressive feat.

The NSW MND Association loans expensive, but necessary, equipment to sufferers of MND and their carers for free, including wheelchairs and communications equipment. Money also goes towards research to find a cause and cure.