3700 jobs lost in region

The latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows a shard drop in employment, related to Covid-19 restrictions. Source: ABS.

Close to 3700 jobs have been lost to Covid-19 across the Riverina, according to the latest unemployment figures, including a mix of full- and part-time jobs. Those numbers don’t include employees who have lost hours or used personal leave.

Across the Murray Riverina region, about 8000 jobs were shaved from the economy over the past two months, which accounts for an overall six per cent drop in employment.

Nationwide, 594,300 jobs were lost, with a total of 2.7 million people reporting they were either unemployed or had lost hours since Covid-19 restrictions began in Australia.

JobKeeper payments are predicted to provide $130 billion in Federal support for employers and their employees.

The ABS surveyed businesses who were still operating and found that the industries which saw the most significant reduction in demand for products/services across the country were: Accomodation and food services, Transport/postal/warehousing and Construction.

The industries which reported the most severe government restrictions on operations were: Accomodation and food services, Education and training, Healthcare/social services and Arts/recreation services.

In the Accomodation and food services industry, 66 per cent of survey respondents said they had to change the way they deliver products or services and 85 per cent reported having to renegotiate their rent/lease arrangements.