$4,000 in fines for Tumut house party

Tumut Police fined four people $1000 each for an illegal party-style gathering in Broughton Street, Tumut last Wednesday.

Tumut Police Acting Inspector Josh Broadfoot said police arrived at the address at 11.15pm after receiving numerous calls about loud music.

When they arrived they found three men, two women and a number of children in the kitchen of the home.

One of the men went and open the back door and fled from the property.

Police spoke to the remaining men, one 35 years old and the other 36, and the two women, one aged 33 (the occupant of the house) and the other 38.

The four adults were each issued with penalty infringement notices of $1000, and the household was also issued with a 28-day noise abatement direction.

Tumut Police are making further inquiries to identify the man who fled the scene on foot.

“It’s pretty clear house parties are not on at the moment, and action will be taken if anyone flouts the law in this regard,” Acting Inspector Broadfoot said.  

NSW Government regulations state that generally, visiting another person is not a reasonable excuse to leave your home.

You must not allow a person to visit your home, except if it is

  • for permitted work 
  • for childcare
  • to give effect to arrangements between parents and children under 18 or their siblings
  • to assist a person to move places of residence
  • to avoid an injury or serious risk of harm
  • because of an emergency
  • to view or inspect property to lease or purchase it.

Socialising isn’t a reasonable excuse to have visitors or leave home unless you live on your own. If you do live on your own, your nominated visitor can visit you.