Smooth movers on the bowling green

The Tumut Smooth Movers could be found on the green at Club Tumut on Thursday, promoting the local program as part of April Falls Month.

The Tumut Smooth Movers classes involve light exercise in a fun environment, providing an easy way for seniors to keep active and stay healthy as they age.

“It’s all about prevention of falls for the elderly and getting as many people as possible to move their feet,” said coach Jan Locke.

“It’s very gentle exercise, but they get a whole range of benefits.”

Tumut Hospital Health Service Manager Maria Roche said that there were 3,600 falls-related hospitalisations in the Murrumbidgee a year.

“And as we all know, non-injurious falls can still have a big effect, like a loss of confidence,” she added.

“Research shows us that light exercise is the best way to maintain health and well-being as we age.”

Coaches Jan Locke, Diane Swaisland and Helen Twomey, all volunteers, lead the Tumut Smooth Movers classes, and Ms Roche expressed her gratitude on behalf of the Local Health Service for the “thousands of hours” the ladies have put in.

“I can’t thank you enough,” she said.

“It’s due to your hard work, dedication and commitment that the program has even been recognised with a number of awards.”

The classes are held at the Seventh-Day Adventist Church on Thursdays at 10am and 1.30pm, and at Murray Glen Village on Mondays at 10am.

Anyone interested is encouraged to come along to either lot of classes.

Coach Diane Swaisland said they’d heard a lot of positive feedback from participants in the sessions.

“They’ve turned out to be a success, they’re quite popular,” she said.

“People report back to us about how their movement and mobility have improved, and that they’re feeling more healthy.”

Len Connolly perhaps summed up the point of the classes best during his Welcome to Country on Thursday: “we’re all getting a bit older, and we’ve got to look after ourselves,” he said.