70km Dunns Road Fire break finished

The ADF completed 12km of the 70km long fire break.

A joint effort to clear a 70-kilometre long fire break around the Bondo pine plantation has been completed, a collaboration between the Forestry Corporation, Rural Fire Service, Hume Forests, private contractors and the Australian Defence Force.

The fire break is located on the southern and eastern sides of the pine plantation in Aragalong, Bondo and Micalong. It starts at Argalong, progressing to the eastern edge of the pine plantation, crossing Brindabella road and continuing to the north toward Micalong.

The ADF’s Officer Commanding, Major Liam Knowles, said his soldiers completed 12 kms of the fire break before they were assigned to other tasks. 

The Forestry Corporation confirmed that the fire break was “planned and completed by a fleet of heavy plant as part of the Dunn’s Road fire response.”

During the fire’s 50 days of burning, heavy plant work was started by Forestry Corporation and Hume Forests, using private contractors. 

The Dunns Road Incident Management Team “significantly increased” the number of contractors and dozers assigned to the break, with assistance from the Army as the fire threat abated.

The fire break was completed in late January, according to Forestry Corporation’s Rod Campbell. Some drainage works continued until the heavy rainfall in early February.

The future management of the fire break will be assessed for on ongoing strategic fire protection of the plantations and where it is considered appropriate, according to Mr Campbell. He said it “will be maintained for the future as a fire control line for any backburning that could be required to protect the plantation.”

It is likely that sections that located within the plantations will be replanted with pine trees over time.