Warby back on Blowering in May

David Warby pilots Spirit of Australia II on Blowering last September.


DAVID Warby and his team are likely to be back at Blowering Dam in May to continue to test their boat for the attempt on father Ken’s water speed record.

David is attempting to beat the record of 511km/h set by his father on Blowering in 1978.

The team visited Blowering twice in 2017 to test David’s boat, the Roll-Royce jet-powered Spirit of Australia, and though conditions weren’t ideal they were happy with the progress.

They want to get on the water outside of the holiday season.

“We will probably link it up at the end of May; that way we can stay out of everyone’s way,” David said.

“We were going to try to come down earlier, but the Dam was a bit low, and there was a lot going on there.”

The team tested the boat at Taree last month and were happy with how it went despite the location being far less ideal than Blowering.

“It’s only a 2km run up there (Blowering is 10km) but the boat is going well and gets a good speed up,” David said.

“It takes time to build speed up. The speed we are doing now (about 300km/h) it took Dad two years to build up to. People want you to just go out and break the record, but if you want to do it safely, it doesn’t work like that.”

David and his team members have plenty else to do apart from attempting to break the world water speed record.

“I’ve got bills to pay and I have to go to work on Monday,” he said.