A local organisation in need

SIR, – The Tumut and District Neighbourhood Centre first opened on December 31, 1981, at 173a Wynyard Street, Tumut and still resides there today.

The Neighbourhood Centre was bought and established specifically for the people of the Tumut Shire by our local council to be run and utilised by the community.

The application for the initial grant was submitted on February 2, 1981 to the NSW Department of Youth and Community Service.

The centre’s main job is to know and understand the community and respond to the needs of the local people. It uses both government funding and local resources, such as volunteers, to offer the people of the Tumut shire a range of services and support.

The services offered by the centre include information, emergency relief and support to people in need, access to computers and the internet, community garden, second hand op-shop and spaces available for the use of community groups and organisations.

We facilitate a child care service for working families, out of school hours care.

Outreach services visit the centre regularly including financial counselling and a disability advocacy service.

A Neighbourhood Centre is a community development organisation that works with the people in its local area, provides support for them in meeting their needs and endeavours to empower them.

The Neighbourhood Centre is an independent community organisation, an incorporated association, which is owned and controlled by its local volunteer members.

The centre is run by a volunteer management committee made up of members of the community. It responds to an individual in a holistic way and offers support to individuals who may not fit other services. It is a one stop shop for community service information, support and referral.

The Tumut and District Neighbourhood Centre is currently undergoing a period of instability. There is a dire need for more community support and volunteers in order to ensure this beneficial organisation continues to support and serve the Tumut district.

Without more volunteer members the centre would not be able to function or exist.

If you would like to find out more or get involved and help us to ensure the continuing existence of the Tumut and District Neighbourhood Centre, please call in at 173a Wynyard Street, Tumut, or phone 6947 2893 or email [email protected]

The next meeting of management will be June 11, at 6.30pm, at the Tumut and District Neighbourhood and will be open and the public to attend.

Yours etc.,

Phillippa Martin

Tumut and District Neighbourhood Centre