A very special Father’s Day present

We’ve all been the situation of having to buy a present for someone who already seemingly has everything. But one Queensland woman came up with a truly original idea this Father’s Day, that puts the classic Bunnings voucher or Favourites box to shame.

Talbingo resident Bill Byatt and his wife Dawn were surprised this year by a personal concert from the Tumut Valley Country Music Club, organised by their Queensland-based daughter, Lynne.

Club publicity officer Gay Nester said the pair had no idea what was coming.

“He did have a tear in his eye when we started, and apparently he hasn’t stopped talking about it,” she said.

“They have another daughter who’s caring for them in their home and of course she was in the know, but the daughter from Queensland organised it all from up there, and even arranged for afternoon tea to be delivered from the Talbingo Cafe for everyone.”

Three available members of the Club, Gay Nester, Melba Blundell, and Lorraine Dalton, travelled to Talbingo and sang for about two hours, chatting and reminiscing in between songs.

They set up their music stands in the lounge room and played “the oldest songs they knew,” trying to find hits from the 96-year-old’s younger days.

Bill is housebound most of the time, so being able to provide him with a personal concert was a pretty special experience for the women as well.

“It’s one of the experiences that you don’t forget in a hurry,” said Gay.

“It’s a first for the Tumut Valley Country Music Club to become a Father’s Day present!”