Access to Blowering Dam’s western foreshore temporarily closed for urgent road repairs

Some of the structural damage requiring repair

Extreme weather has forced the temporary closure of Blowering Dam’s western foreshore from today to allow for urgent repairs to Yellowin Access Road.

Forestry Corporation of NSW’s Regional Manager Dean Anderson said the urgent road repairs were required following recent rainfall.

“The roads leading to Blowering Dam’s western foreshore required significant work to stabilise and repair following the Dunn’s Road fire. When we reopened in June, we did anticipate temporary closures will continue to be required from time to time to allow ongoing repairs to be completed,” Mr Anderson said.

“Unfortunately, this recent rain has made Yellowin Access Road unsafe and forcing us to immediately close it for urgent repairs.

“From Friday, July 23, Yellowin Access Road, between Snubba Road and Blowering Camp Road will be temporarily closed. Unfortunately this also means that there will be no access to Blowering Dam’s western foreshore while repairs are completed.

“We anticipate repairs will take several weeks, depending on weather.

“The remaining section of Yellowin Access Rd to the east and Foreshore Rd will remain closed at this time until additional road structural repair works can be completed.

“We apologise for the short notice for these urgent repairs. Our staff will visit the area to ensure any campers are informed of the closure and can safely leave the area before repairs commence.

“For the safety of you and your family, and for the safety of those who may be asked to volunteer to rescue you, we ask that no one ventures past any signs or closed-off areas. 

“Thank you for your ongoing patience while works continue to restore this area and ensure it is safe.”

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