Adam Yan dominates look shoot

Tumut Clay Target Club held their January shoot on Sunday and even with very warm temperatures and the ever-present Covid-19 situation, it didn’t stop more than 40 shooters turning up.

The event was a success, and with 10 clubs represented on the day, it proved once again that Tumut can attract top shooters from around even in uncomfortable conditions. 

Competition was tough throughout all four grades and some very competitive scores were returned to the marshalling station.

The first event was a 25-Target Point Score cash divide, where shooters compete in their respective grades for their share of the cash pool.

Adam Yan of Tumut shared top spot in AA-Grade, with David Crane from Canberra and Don Power from Junee, with the trio all hitting 75 of 75 targets,  

The second event was the feature event on the program, being the 50-Target Double Barrel Championship.

These events usually require a shoot-off to determine the outright winner and Sunday’s event was no different with no less than ten shooters achieving a maximum score of 50/50 to head into a deciding round to get a winner. 

After shooting a perfect round of 50/50, it wasn’t until a further 91 targets were shot, before Wagga’s renowned shooter, Ben Woodhouse, was the outright Champion with a total score of 141/141.

The third and final event was the 25-Target Handicap, where shooters shoot from handicap marks, with the less talented stepping out at 15 metres and the more skilled shooters at the maximum of 25 metres.

The Handicap event was no different to previous event, in that five shooters hit a maximum score of 25 from 25, and a shoot off was required to determine the eventual winner.

The shoot-off didn’t last long with Wagga shooter Gill Neziz finishing on top with a score of 31/31 from local shooter Adam Yan.

Following the third event, the high gun scores were determined. 

These scores don’t include shoot-off scores and they are tallied throughout the day on the maximum points available on the scheduled shoot program.

Overall high gun winner was local club Secretary Adam Yan, who returned a perfect score for the day of 150/150.

25-target point score results

AA-grade: Adam Yan (Tumut), David Crane (Canberra)and Don Power (Junee) all with maximum scores of 75/75 achieved from hitting all targets with one single attempt on each.

A-Grade: Vicki McDonagh (Wagga) 71/75 points and Lloyd McPherson (Tumut) Gary Burton (Wagga) equal second on 70/75.

B-Grade: Mark Patterson (Tumut) 74/75, Karina Thatcher (Tumut) 71/75 and Natalie Hitchenson (Canberra) 65/75.

C-Grade: William Bell (West Wyalong) 69/75. Elizabeth Thatcher (Tumut) 62/75 and Kerry White (Tumut) 61/75 points.

50-Target Double Barrel Championship results 

Overall Winner: Ben Woodhouse (Wagga) 141/141

AA-Grade: Damian Rowett (Boorowa) 140/141. 2nd: Grant Thatcher 118/119.

A-Grade: Gary Burton (Wagga) 96/97, 2nd: Vicki McDonagh (Wagga) 95/97.

B-Grade: Mark Patterson (Tumut) 48/51. 2nd: Karina Thatcher (Tumut) 47/51.

C-Grade: David Glasson (Tumut) 47/50. 2nd: Willian Bell (West Wyalong) 45/50.

25-Target Handicap 

Overall: Gill Neziz (Wagga) 31/31, 2nd: Adam Yan (Tumut) 30/31, 3rd: Mick O’Dowd (Tumut) 27/28, 4th: Natalie Hutchenson (Canberra), 5th: Nick Mullins (Wagga) 26/27.

High gun results 

Overall: Adam Yan 150/150

Junior High Gun: John Glasson 105/150, 2nd: Cooper Clay 100/150.

Ladies High Gun: Vicki McDonagh 141/150, 2nd: Karina Thatcher 139/150, 3rd: Natalie Hutchenson 136/150.

Veteran High Gun: Don Power 148/150, 2nd: David Caccioppoli (Tumut) 146/150, 3rd: Giulio Serafin (Yass) 139/150.