Adelong pathway project due to start next month

The Adelong Creeksacpe walkway project is due to start next month.

Adelong community members have agreed to move forward with the re-establishment of the creek walkway by voting on a two-coat seal as the preferred surface material.

Community members met with Snowy Valleys Council staff on the night of Monday February 11 to discuss the progress of the Connecting Community to Creek project.

The council’s acting director assets and infrastructure Heinz Kausche said the meeting was well attended and it was great to conclude the meeting with clear outcomes to progress.

“There was much general discussion around issues to do with the creek and the stream but also key decisions were voted on by the attendees which has provided us with clear directions on what the community want done and their priorities.” Mr Kausche said.

Three options for the walkway’s new surface were presented to the group along with the pros and cons of each and costings. After general discussion the group put the options to a vote and over 60 per cent voted for the preferred option of a two-coat seal path.

“This substrate has proven successful in providing a low maintenance, long lasting surface suitable for all users including pedestrians, prams, wheelchairs and bikes.” Mr Kausche said.

Bank stabilization work was also discussed in detail and the group agreed to prioritise the re-surfacing of the walkway over the stabilisation work, with the urging that stabilising the bank be undertaken at the earliest opportunity.

The Adelong Creekscape Redevelopment project was identified as a community priority through the NSW Government’s Stronger Community Major Projects Program. The NSW Government allocated $515,000 for the development of a Connected Community Creekscape Masterplan to enhance the Adelong Creek and Falls connection including the re-establishment of the existing creek walkway that was damaged during flooding. It is intended that the construction of the pathway will begin in early March 2019.

The Adelong Progress Association is happy Adelong is getting the pathway but is concerned about funding and the process that led to getting it.

“Members of the community are pleased that some of the issues have been resolved,” Association president Rose Marie Likow said.

The Association however is worried the work may not be done in the time necessary.

“The most pressing point that was raised during this meeting was the funding deadline that is looming in December this year at which time as advised by council any unused funding will be forfeit and withdrawn by the government. It is imperative, for the works to be completed by December 2019. This for us means the whole works not just part of it; there is a lot of work which has not even started.

“As a result of staff resignations, this project has had multiple stop, start operations and the community has had to reiterate their decisions to multiple SVC project managers.

“There appears to be inadequate recordings of previous decisions of meetings held or poor internal communication within council departments, hence we continue to have meetings and time keeps ticking away and very little progress is made.”

Ms Likow said the association had long been seeking further information on the project, including how the $515,000 budget was determined, and further details on the draft landscape plan, with the association pushing for inclusions such as fitness equipment, sculptures, seating and a foot bridge behind the museum.

“The SVC had undertaken in their meeting agenda as per a written request from the Adelong Progress Association to provide the community with an update on the project’s budget and expenditure to date; however once again they failed to provide any information in writing,” Ms Likow said.

“If the community were given the information requested, we would have been able to make a whole lot of other decisions in order to progress the project.

“There were also questions raised by members as to why SVC is only now looking at the issue of bank stabilization and the required permits and licences. This is not something new; this has been known since the start of this project 2017; however only now when there is a deadline to complete those projects, SVC realises the urgency only after been urged by the community.

“As a community we will be incredibly disappointed if the whole $515,000 granted for the development is not used and we don’t achieve the result which has been very clear right from the start.”