Adelong rallies for beloved bar manager

Adelong Middle Pub is at the centre of a town-wide fundraising effort for Donna Garner, their former manager who has suffered a brain bleed and is currently recovering at Canberra Hospital.

Current manager Julie Wolfe is hosting a sausage sizzle and raffle for Donna, every Saturday for “however long it takes.”

Donna Garner.

“A lot of people liked her,” Ms Wolfe said.

“She’s only thirty – she’s got a long road ahead of her. At the moment she’s out of intensive care and she’s in the brain ward, the neurology ward. She’s got a long way to go yet, a lot of rehab.”

The pub is raffling off two half-sheep each Saturday, that have been generously donated by local farmers. If a sheep should fail to appear they will put together a gift basket of items donated by the Adelong community.

Publicity Officer for the Adelong Middle Pub Fishing Club Carol Tarrant said the community’s willingness to chip in and get involved for Donna during a difficult time had blown her away.

“I am so proud and privileged to be associated with these wonderful people,” she said.

She added that the events that have already been held were a credit to those involved.

“Local farmer Trevor Howell donated a full sheep, fully butchered to raffle off to raise funds for Donna,” she said.

“I am not sure how many generous farmers have come on board but it’s enough to do a Saturday afternoon raffle each and every Saturday for quite a while!

“Dave Crealy and Darren Mitchell put their hands up to do the cooking of the sausage sizzle, which was so delicious every one came back for seconds. A lot of people had bought tickets through the week and ticket sales were amazing.”

Sheep donor Trevor Howell was the winner of the club’s 100 draw late last year. He chose to spend his winnings on shouting everyone the pub a drink, and donating the leftover proceeds to Donna.

He explained his motivation for doing so succinctly: “what goes around comes around,” he said.

Other locals have been contributing through donation tins placed in key businesses in the town CBD.

“This is what I call community spirit at it’s best,” said Mrs Tarrant.