Adelong rocked

SnowyWS staff rolling out a base mesh before heavy rock is placed upon it.
SnowyWS staff rolling out a base mesh before heavy rock is placed upon it.

The constant hum of excavators over the past few weeks has been music to Adelong S and C Club manager Kevin King’s ears.

On Friday the final touches were completed on the long awaited rock works at the back of the club, with a road base pavement securing access behind the building once more.

The 2010 floods that swept down the Adelong Creek, spilling into the main street and flooding residences and businesses that line the usually tranquil waterway, left its mark on not only the townspeople but also on the landscape.

Whilst the old Adelong Bridge that caught much of the debris – including branches, whole trees, water tanks and other solid waste – is long gone, replaced with the longer spanned Herb Feint Bridge, scars from the floods have remained.

Work funded by Roads and Maritime Services, along with the restoration of the old swimming pool site, have helped to create a rest area that is starting to be utilised by travellers, but the creek has remained unreachable on the Tumut side due to misplaced rocks, whilst the Adelong town side has remained a dangerous eye sore in spots.

Manager of the Adelong S and C Club Kevin King has long pushed for restoration works behind the club to be carried out. He is relieved and pleased with the job SnowyWS have carried out under an RMS contract.

“It will be great to finally have this work finished,” Mr King said. “We will have a four-metre wide road out the back by the time they are finished.

“I have been worried someone would go over the edge as it got down to almost nothing and was crumbling away at the edge.

“We have been waiting for RMS to do something for a while but are very pleased with the work carried out.

“We feel a lot safer now.”

The original rock work that was put in place as part of the RMS’s contractual agreement to construct the new bridge was effective in preventing mass erosion, but was also viewed by the Office of Water and the Tumut Shire Council as not having the most effective design, as water was being pushed against the bank along the Adelong side.

The $120,000 works financed by the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) come as a result of the previous road access from the highway to the rear of the S and C Club being abolished when the new bridge was constructed.

“It was a real eye-sore before,” Mr King said. “Now we are looking at re-cladding the back of the club and making it look more attractive.