Adelong Show – one perfect day

Former RAS Miss Showgirl Jasmine Green, and junior showgirl and beau category winners Makayla Hulks, Mikayla Elder, Beau Matthew Murdoch, Hazel and Teaghan Lucas, Skyla Barry, Di Sargent, Rilee Crampton, Alfie Zarafa, Ashleigh Lucas and Ivy Zerafa.

“The day was perfect – God looked after us.”
This is what Adelong Show’s Marlene Pearce said about Sunday’s Adelong Show, and it seems many agreed.
“We have had fantastic feedback from everybody; they are saying it was one of the best shows in years,” Show secretary Leanne Kench said.
At one point it looked like the show wouldn’t even happen, but a committee was put together and worked hard to make Sunday a success.
“We were down a little in some areas, such as the pavilion, but it has been a tough year so that is to be expected,” Leanne said.
“With over 280 dogs and a fantastic lineup of horses, we were absolutely thrilled. Hats off to everybody who put in the effort and a huge thank you to everyone involved.”
The weather was much kinder to the Adelong Show than it was to the Tumut Show the previous weekend, with cool breezes keeping things pleasant. The showground was in good shape, helped somewhat by recent falls of rain.
“The ground was magnificent,” Leanne said.
Musical act Harry and Millie finished the event off perfectly with some well-received tunes, playing on a stage generously lent from Adelong Preschool.
“The Kidzone, run by Lizzie and Mark Bowden, was fantastic and we will be doing it bigger and better next year,” Leanne said.
“The sideshow operators said it was brilliant; one of the best ever.”
The online registration system proved a success and will be expanded.
“The online registration for the pavilion entries was excellent, and in 2020, we will have online registration for everything except the horses and dogs, which have their own registration,” Leanne said.
“Everyone will be able to register from their house so there will be no long queues. We will still be here for those who haven’t got access to a computer.”
A lot of hard work from many people in the lead-up to the show helped ensure its success.
“A big thank you to those who helped clean up the pavilion last weekend and got the place sorted,” Leanne said.
“They were tireless in their assistance. A very big thank you to all our sponsors; those who donated cash and prizes. Without the generosity of these people, the show would not be a success.”