Adelong Show saved for 2020

A successful meeting has ensured that the 2019 Adelong Show will be followed by another in 2020.

THE Adelong Show will go ahead in 2020 after a committee was formed at a meeting on Thursday night.

When only seven people turned up at the show AGM on July 18, a quorum was unable to be formed and the show was in danger of not happening next year, so everything depended on how well Thursday night’s meeting at the Adelong Services and Citizens Club went.

Fortunately good numbers turned up and a solid executive committee was formed.

“I am very happy to advise that our 2020 show will be going ahead,” secretary and public and publicity officer Leanne Kench said.

“We do understand that winter is a hard time for many and family commitments can also prevent people attending meetings but a huge thank you to those who were able to attend and therefor enabling us to put forward the votes needed for the Executive Committee, as without this there is no show.”

Due to work and other volunteer commitments Michael Neyland advised he would not be considering the President’s position for 2020 but is happy to assist when possible.

“We’d like to thank Michael for the work he has done during the past year,” Leanne said.

The new elected executive committee is as follows: president Wendy Miller, vice president Justine Hughes, secretary Leanne Kench, treasurer Jenny Perkins, public officer and publicity Leanne Kench and elected committee members Sonya Creary, Cathy Grady, Pat Whitley, Toby Corbett and Neville Clark.

“We hope that the coming show will prove to be as good if not better than this year and with the new electronic registration system in place things will be a lot simpler and less time consuming for all, and with the show ground undergoing some major work at present and all goes to plan it should be picture perfect on show day,” Leanne said.

“We would love to see more of the younger generation getting involved with their show to ensure a great and stable future for ‘Adelong Show’ and this wonderful area in general.

“We had such positive feedback on our previous show that we hope this translates to an increase in visitors.”

The show will be held on Sunday March 15 2020 and for those with businesses etc who would like to take part in either stalls on show day, sponsorship, donations or any form of support please contact: [email protected]