Adelong Showground… The ultimate home away from home

The Adelong Showground could potentially host Tumut Bulls and Gundagai Tigers fixtures after current and future upgrades are completed.

Recent and future upgrades to the Adelong Showground could potentially see senior rugby league and rugby union matches played in the small town.

The most recent upgrades that started on May 30 will essentially have the Adelong Showground on par, or even ahead of other rugby league and union grounds in this region.

This facility, which will only be more of an attraction after future planned upgrades to lighting and infrastructure, may entice the likes of the Tumut Bulls and Gundagai Tigers to bring home games to the footy rich region.

Showground Management Committee member Shane Walsh hoped that all the work and money being pumped into the facilities paid off.

“It was only two or three years ago that the Bulls were playing games here in Adelong, and who knows, one day we could see the Gundagai Tigers play there,” Walsh said.

“We believe we will have the grounds to host these types of games and we know crowds would come to watch; we are footy mad.”

Walsh suggested the upgraded grounds would also be perfect for the Gundagai-Adelong Tigers Junior Rugby League Club hosting bigger minor league clubs, not just smaller clubs they currently host. 

“I know the junior rugby league generally try and hold at least two rounds and it would be great if they could host more games and some of the bigger clubs and with these changes, they should be able to,” Walsh said.

Walsh said that the resurgence of the Adelong Green and Gold in the Tumut Pub 9s gave them reason to believe that the grounds could be a new haven for winter sporting clubs, complementing their already strong association with summer sport clubs and competitions, such as the Adelong Donkeys and Adelong touch football.

“With Adelong playing in the Tumut Pub 9s and doing so well, this could really fuel the fire for rugby league and rugby union in this area,” Walsh said.

“Their success generated so much talk and now with this work, we hope we see more footy.”

Gundagai Tigers president Martin Hay was excited to hear that Adelong were upgrading their grounds and said it was certainly be on the club’s agenda to build an alliance with Adelong in the senior rugby league ranks.

“Yeah that would be a great; that is something as a club we would definitely entertain,” Hay said.

“We have got quite a number of Adelong juniors playing for the Tigers and we would only want to build on that relationship and help progress players making their way from the Gundagai-Adelong Tigers junior club.”

Tumut Bulls president Jon Carmody also chimed in with some support for the Adelong Showground, hinting that a yearly fixture would be on the cards.

“Absolutely we are on board with playing games at Adelong. We have done it in the past, and in the future we would like to continue with that,” Carmody said.

“We were hoping to play a trial in Batlow this year but the cricket grand final fell on the same day but we will definitely look to play one game a year in Adelong if we can.”