Aero Club open day a soaring success

Brian Olsen and Mike Hicks get ready to get airborne on Saturday.

TUMUT Airport buzzed with the sound of propellers and people as Tumut Aero Club held its Fly-in and Open Day on Saturday.

Despite the sparkling weather in Tumut, the start of the event was delayed by foggy weather in some of the places the planes flew in from.

However, the skies over Tumut were eventually crossed by multitudes of aircraft, both fixed wing and helicopters, as the day got in full swing.

True North Helicopters held scenic flights, as did Sam Polyak in his gyrocopter.

Three motorized hang gliders hung in the skies like butterflies for much of the day, and later in the afternoon, an ex-RAAF CT-4 trainer aircraft arrived from Wagga Wagga.

Aero Club mascot Puss the cat avoided children who were determined to chase and/or pat her.

Ward Air chief pilot, chief flying instructor, director and head of operations Catherine Fitzsimons and Australian Flying Magazine aviation and travel writer Shelley Ross were the featured speakers at the dinner at the clubhouse on Saturday night.