Aged care and Tumut hospital Drs on the agenda at TCA meeting

Aged care, doctors and educational courses were on the agenda when the Tumut Community Association held a productive meeting in Tumut on Thursday night.

“We got a couple more members, and some exciting things are going to be happening,” Association president Christine Webb said.

The meeting heard first-hand about the challenges faced by those seeking appropriate aged care in Tumut.

Mrs Webb said that people in the Tumut region were having to go into nursing homes because they are not receiving the appropriate aged care package at home.

“They never get the package they need so they end up going into a nursing home,” she said. 

“Aged care is in crisis and it’s not getting any better. One issue is that people don’t know because they don’t have the information on how they go about getting the right aged care package for them. When they to get them, they get a lower-level package that doesn’t meet their needs. They don’t know how to push for the package they need.”

The Association is planning an aged care expo and forum, to be held in the next few months.

“We will be asking the relevant members of parliament to come along, and inviting aged care experts from a variety of services and organisations, such as the Aged Care Assessment Team, Centrelink and any organisation providing services to older people,” Mrs Webb said.

Another topic at the meeting was the Association’s petition to have two doctors, an anaesthetist and emergency specialist, based at Tumut District Hospital.

The petition currently has 8603 signatures and needs to have 10,000 to be discussed in NSW parliament.

Mrs Webb said she was “over the moon” that 11 specialist doctors in Wagga had signed it.

The Association is about to offer two educational courses from the Institute of Community Directors Australia aimed at strengthening community organisations.

The first, Step in and Step Up, is aimed at giving people more knowledge and skills to be a committee member and help organisations help communities. 

The second, Where’s the Funding?,  is about developing fund-raising strategies for your organisation.

 The funding for these is from the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal and the Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation and people from Tumut, Adelong Batlow, Talbingo and Brungle are eligible.

“These courses are online, and they are very quick to do,” Mrs Webb said.

If anyone is interested, they can call Mrs Webb on 0438 158 818.