Air-con rebate a cruel hoax: Hayes

Nationals Wagga Wagga candidate Mackenna Powell says it is unacceptable that the Snowy Valleys and many other rural regions have missed out on the NSW Government’s air conditioning rebate, and will attempt to get it here.

For a limited time, the NSW Government is offering households a discount on installing an air conditioner with a high star rating.

Only the most efficient air-conditioners are eligible, and installers must be approved by the Government.

However, the postcode search tool on the Government website advertising the rebate shows that there are no approved installers in dozens of regional areas including the Snowy Valleys and Wagga Wagga.

Ms Powell is not happy about this, and doesn’t plan to cop it on the chin.

“I am very disappointed, and it is unacceptable that this has not been rolled out in our regions as yet,” she said.

“This is exactly why we need more Nationals in government in regional areas to represent our people and stand up for the regions. We cannot leave these decisions to Sydney based politicians and continue to miss out.

“I am fighting for this rebate in our area, and having our local tradespeople registered as approved providers.

“I would like to encourage anyone who has tried to access this scheme to contact me directly so that I can make representations on their behalf.”

Labor Wagga Wagga candidate Dan Hayes described the rebate as a cruel hoax on the people of NSW.

“I said during the by-election that this Government couldn’t find Wagga on the map, this again proves it,” Mr Hayes said.

“Why have the National Party supported a rebate that cannot be accessed in regional NSW? They have failed to deliver once again.”

“This admission that the National Party has failed regional NSW is not surprising, as people have been saying it for years. What is surprising is now the National Party is now finally admitting it.

“This government is too busy fighting each other rather than fighting for the people of regional NSW.

“The public is entitled to know the full list of policies of her own Liberal/National Government she does not support.

“Ms Powell is taking the people of Wagga Wagga for mugs if she thinks she can distance the National Party from their failed eight years in Government.

“From forced mergers, greyhound bans, to Sydney stadium splurges, the National Party has been in lockstep with the their Liberal Party colleagues and now at the last minute are trying to divorce themselves from the decisions they have made.”