Another car confiscated

Tumut police confiscated this XR8 Falcon last Friday.
Tumut police confiscated this Falcon last Friday.

THE confiscation of a second vehicle in the past four months within Tumut in connection with performing illegal burn-outs comes as a timely reminder for local drivers that police are prepared to enforce the confiscation powers for road safety laws.

A white Ford Falcon was impounded last week after it was observed by police performing a burnout. The driver, a 45-year-old Tumut man, was charged, had his license suspended immediately and his vehicle confiscated for three months under NSW road legislation.

The incident occurred last Friday at 10.25am when the car was sighted in Capper Street, allegedly performing a burnout.

The driver is scheduled to appear at Tumut Local Court in June.

Vehicles that have been seized for the three month period are done so at a cost to the owner who is required to pay for the towing to the storage yard of the vehicle and the storage fees.

For a second offence or a subsequent offence the vehicle can be forfeited to the Crown.

Police say they are continuing to crack down on irresponsible driving, drag racing and burnouts.