Aquathon makes a splash

The Tumut Eagles, who participated in the Aquathon as a preseason fitness test, take a dip after completing the event.

Time and time again, Tumut residents demonstrate their community spirit in getting behind important fundraisers.

It was no different on Sunday, with strong numbers in attendance at the Tumut Swimming Pool for the Tumut Aquathon.

Hosted by Jess Sturt and Beck Sutherland, 120 people joined in the Tumut Takes 2 fundraiser, raising over $3000 for the implementation of cardiac rehabilitation facilities for the Tumut Hospital.

“It blew all of my expectations out of the water; we haven’t finalised it exactly but at the moment we are over $3000 raised and the Coffee Pedalar are donating 25% of what they took on the day.” Sturt said.

“In the end, we had a minimum target of 60 participants and that ended up doubling and we were able to raise so much money.”

On the day, there was three events, with a 5km run, 200m swim and 2km run, a 3km run, 100m swim and 1km run, and a 2km run, 50m swim and 500m run.

“We had a big variety of ages and abilities on show and it was good to see people out and being active,” Sturt said.

Jess Sturt and Beck Sutherland who organised the fundraiser as part of their Tumut Takes 2 involvement.

Sturt’s motivation for the Aquathon follows on from her own work with The Gym and her interest in helping residents be more active and live healthier lifestyles.

“The fitter and healthier people are, the less likely they will need those services, but if they do need it, those services will be there,” Sturt said.

“These types of events get people out and about and it’s good for the community.”

Sturt said that the day was so well received that it could very well become a yearly event.

“Everyone just kept asking if we could do this this again; they loved it,” Sturt said,

“It is something we will definitely look into doing again.”

The Tumut Takes 2 participant also took time to thank those who helped organise the day.

“I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who helped organise and run the event,” Sturt said.

“Kerrie Gentle and Jimmy Goode were two that made my day so much easier; they helped mark out the track and organised a lot.”

With Tumut Takes 2 getting closer to the June long weekend performance dates, Sturt is hoping to kick into gear and raise a lot more money but admitted she was nervous about the actual performance.

“I’d love to be able to be able to get to $10,000,” Sturt said.

“I’m definitely nervous but it is little while off and Beck and I only just met last week and we will start rehearsals in a couple of weeks.”

A big fan of the Aquathon, who also helped raise some of the money by organising good numbers for the event, was Tumut Eagles president Matthew Lopez.

“The Aquathon was a fantastic event,” Lopez said.

“Congratulations to Jess Sturt and The Gym for running it.”

Lopez also used the event as a preseason test, getting players involved and supporting a good cause while preparing for the season ahead.

“The Tumut Eagles had a good turnout of participants with about 12 (players) decked out in our playing jerseys,” Lopez said.

“They all completed the event as a quality preseason test.”