Art honour for Franklin student

Franklin Public School student Ashton Botes with his work “A Wish Come True” at the Operation Art Exhibition at Sydney’s Olympic Park.

Franklin Public School year 4 student Ashton Botes’ artwork, titled “A Wish Come True”, has been selected and displayed in the recent Operation Art Exhibition at Sydney’s Olympic Park, where over 10,000 visitors view the exhibition.

Ashton and his family visited the exhibition in Sydney during the school holidays to see his artwork on display alongside of other successful submissions by students across the state.

Ashton’s artwork has also been chosen by the Sydney Olympic Park Authority to be displayed on a banner for promotion.

The title of the work is appropriate because Ashton didn’t see this success coming.

“It was exciting; I was surprised,” he said.

The work took about four days for Ashton to complete.

“I didn’t have any inspiration; it just happened,” he said.

His parents weren’t aware Ashton had artistic talent.

“I really had no idea,” Mum Audrey said.

“As parents we couldn’t be prouder.”

Ashton’s family and Franklin Public will both get a copy of “A Wish Come True”.

The Botes family, originally from Durban in South Africa, will relocate to Tasmania early next year.