Batlow, Adelong under emergency warning

Update 3.29pm: The Fire has jumped containment lines to the north east in the Ellerslie Mt Adrah Areas across the Snowy Mtns Hwy. Residents in the Sharps Creek, Bangadang, Mt Adrah and Grahamstown should shelter in place as fire approaches. Snowy Mtns Hwy is closed West of Adelong.

No evacuation for Tumut has been ordered at this time. We have had a call back to a reignition of the Tumut Common fire. Crews are on scene and making it safe, It is well within the previous burnt area and no threat at this time.

Update: 2.25pm Areas to the west of Adelong, are under emergency warning. Fire has jumped the Snowy Mountains Highway, west of Adelong, in the Bangadang, Mt Adrah area. Residents West of Adelong should seek shelter as the Fire as approaches. It is too late to leave.
The Snowy Mthns Hwy is closed West of Adelong to the Hume Hwy

Update: 2.20pm An emergency warning has been issued for the area of Ellerslie, Adelong and surrounds.

It is now too late to leave, the RFS advised. Seek shelter as fire approaches. Seek shelter in a solid structure to protect yourself from the heat of the fire.


Batlow is once more under an emergency warning. It came into place at about 1.10pm when the fire jumped a containment line west of the town.

The RFS advises that if you are in Batlow and surrounding areas, it is now too late to take shelter as fire approaches.

Firefighters are continuing to work to slow the spread of the fire and protect properties.

The RFS said fire activity is increasing in the area.