Beavan buoyed by Giants selection

Drew Beavan’s meteoric rise in the Australian Football League ranks continues with the budding star recently selected to play for the Greater Western Sydney Giants in the North East Australian Football League.

Beavan was flown to Sydney on Thursday and played in the Giants’ 56-54 victory over Sydney University in wet and wild conditions at Henson Park on Friday night.

The 17-year-old got the phone call on Wednesday and was excited to have another opportunity with the Giants.

“Dan (Scroope) just called me and asked me if I wanted a game,” he said.

“I must have left a half decent impression if they are calling me up again,” Beavan joked.

Giants high performance coach and development officer, Dan Scroope pointed to areas of Beavan’s game that had been the catalyst for his selection.

“Drew (Beavan) has been consistently training at a high level and has continued to improve in all areas of his game,” he said.

“He has particularly improved his contested ball/methods and off ball running patterns.”

“His ability to get to the contest and either win or halve it, is what continues to impress coaches and why he gets the opportunity at the next level.”

This was Beavan’s second NEAFL game for the Giants, after making his debut earlier in the season while playing with the GWS academy squad.

“It was unexpected because the academy season is over and I have just been worrying about Marrar (Bombers) and the (NSW/ACT) Rams,” he said.

“It still is nerve racking – you’re up against the best and you can’t afford to make any mistakes.”

Beavan’s involvement with the Giants reserve grade squad is a testament to the ability of the young AFL player.

Generally NEAFL top up players are 18 and 19 year olds who are nearing the draft but the Tumut talent has defied the odds and gained selection over his older and more experienced competition.

In the midst of this sudden selection and the last minute trip to Sydney, the Giant showed his true colours, making his way back to Wagga Wagga on Saturday to suit up for his club side, Marrar.

The Bombers faced the top of the table, North Wagga and ran out 46-12 winners with Beavan being named as one of the best on ground.

In addition to Beavan’s recent Giants selection and outstanding club form for Marrar, the former Rugby League phenom has made the NSW/ACT Rams under 17s squad.

Beavan was part of the under 16s Rams squad in 2018 and was one of only five members to progress into the under 17s system this year.

“It was a bit of a relief after making it because of my involvement with the 16s last year and playing for the Giants academy team this year,” he said.

“I will definitely have to take on more of a role this season and hopefully get a chance to play in the midfield.”

The Tumut High School student will be kept busy with the Rams during the school holidays, flying out to the Gold Coast this Sunday to take on the best of QLD on Monday July 8.

“I can’t wait – it will be a massive challenge,” he said.

This will be the first match of a two game series for the NSW/ACT Rams, who are also due to face VIC Metro in three weeks time.

Beavan’s involvement with the Rams will see him face a positional change; a challenge that motivates the young player.

“I will be playing a different position (midfield), so I’ll probably put a few miles in my legs,” he laughed.

“Playing midfield is just a little more demanding then playing at the back but it is where you want to be.”

Despite all of this representative football, Beavan doesn’t have his head in the clouds and is taking it one step at a time.

“I just want to tick each box as it comes and enjoy the moment,” he said.

What exemplifies this point is the fact that Beavan also works locally at KFC and is content on keeping up with the shifts amongst all of his high performance training and schoolwork.

“I work two nights a week – Mum and Dad said it is good to get used to the working environment.

“Half of the boys I play with don’t have a plan B and even though they might have a good shot at a career, one injury can cut it short.”

“You need to have options.”

The level-headed footy player will now get through a long week before flying out to the Gold Coast for the next step in his burgeoning AFL career.