Biological buffer for HSC students

Tim Dixon, Bailey Piper and Bailey O’Neill after the tough biology HSC exam at the CWA rooms on Wednesday.

The epic three-hour biology HSC exam was a big challenge for at least three Tumut High School students on Wednesday.

“It was very hard,” student Bailey O’Neill said.

“A lot of the questions stumped me. I didn’t study as much as I should have; for sure I should have studied more. I’d say it would be the hardest exam I’ve done so far. I was happy that I completed it, though I don’t think I’ll be happy when I get the result.”

However, Bailey’s future is looking bright regardless of this result.

“Hopefully I will get a career in the defence force and my marks have actually already been accepted,” he said.

Tim Dixon and Bailey Piper found the exam challenging, but no more than they thought it would be.

“It was difficult, but we thought it would be; it was probably what we expected,” Tim said.

“I’m not overly confident but not too disappointed.”

The students said there were many questions about genetics and inheritance, and the three hours was required to complete it.

Tim wants to study journalism at university and Bailey wants to study engineering at university, and fortunately they both have early entry.

The students sat for their mathematics exam yesterday.