Blowering fire under control

The EPS Bell 212 helicopter fights the fire from the air.

Fire crews are winning the battle against fires in the Snowy Valleys, with the help of rain from a storm that hit on Tuesday evening.

“The West Blowering Road fire is contained after the rain last night, but we will have crews on that and the fire at Little Talbingo for the next couple of days,” Riverina Highlands RFS Public Liaison Officer Peter Jones said.

However, the storm brought good and bad news, and lightning strikes caused some ignitions near pine plantations off Argalong Road at Argalong.

Thankfully, these did not result in big fires.

“Forestry is dealing with this, and any other consequences,” Mr Jones said.

The rain also affected backburning work.

“We were able to get some done, but not enough to do the job,” Mr Jones said.

The main focus for the fire crews now is the Possum Point Fire, and due to the difficult terrain it is burning in, crews are not able to get to it, so it will be subject to aerial incendiary work.

“This will expand the fire, but we can then fit it where we want to fit it and control it,” Mr Jones said.

“The western side is not a threat at this time; all the focus is on the north and eastern sides where the power lines are.

“We are expecting similar weather over the next three or four days, with hot days and storms at night.”