Bongongo sale hits a bullseye

Bill and Shauna Graham with the top-priced bull with buyers Paul and Rachel Graham.

All 35 Angus bulls were sold at the Bongongo Autumn Helmsman sale at Riverview, Coolac, on Monday. 

It was the first time Edlers Gundagai had run with a Helmsman system interfaced with AuctionsPlus, but it ran smoothly.

Eleven bulls were bought by AuctionsPlus on the day.

The average price was $9030 and the top priced bull was lot 15, Bongongo P421 which went for $18,000 to Paul and Rachel Graham of Adjungbilly.

This two-year-old bull is considered a quiet individual by an American sire, Baldridge Bronc.

Baldridge Bronc had three sons in the sale, and they went for an average of $12,667.

Paul and Rachel Graham also bought the second top priced bull, P390, for $17,000.

“It was a very good sale,” Elders Gundagai branch manager Ross Tout said.

“The helmsman system is very popular with some buyers.”

The Bongongo bulls clearly have a good name and following, as there were a lot of return buyers there, and Mr Tout said the majority of bulls were sold to return buyers.

“Forty per cent of bids were made over the internet; this option was well used,” he said.

Low birth weight bulls with good carcase figures were in high demad at the sale.

While most of the buyers were return customers, Phil and Paula Alcorn of Harden were new bidders and they bought three bulls.

Tumut’s Boyd family and Beggan Beggan Pastoral of Harden and David Graham Trust of Adjungbilly also bought three bulls each.