Brakes fail on Talbingo mountain

A disaster was averted on Sunday when a bus carrying about 20 people, which had reportedly lost brake function while travelling down the steep Talbingo Mountain, careered into a ditch on the Snowy Mountains Highway.

Occupants of a mini-bus were lucky to escape with only minor injuries after it slammed into a ditch on Talbingo Mountain on Sunday.

The crash occurred about 300m from the base of the mountain.

Just after midday Sunday paramedics and other emergency services were called to the crash, about 300m uphill of the intersection of the Snowy Mountains Highway and Murray Jackson Drive.

The female driver reported that the brakes had failed on the bus.

Two people injured in in the crash, with one occupant sustaining a leg injury and another a head contusion.

Emergency services were on the scene for about an hour, ultimately transporting most of  the group to the Talbingo Country Club, which provided hospitality while the group awaited another bus.

It’s understood the bus had been chartered by a group from Griffith, and was travelling home after a visit to the Cooma area.

An ambulance spokesperson said the group can consider themselves extremely fortunate.

“If the bus had gone off the other side of the road when it lost control, things would have been a lot worse,” the spokesperson said.

A major bus accident occurred on the mountain in 1991, when a bus carrying representative junior rugby league players toppled over the mountain, injuring 26 people.