Budding photographers enjoy workshop

Isabelle Humphries and Anna Gorman learning photography on the streets of Tumut.

Budding photographers in Tumut and Tumbarumba had the opportunity to sharpen their skills this week, through photography workshops with renowned local photographer Robyn MacRae.

Ms MacRae passed on some tips and tricks of the trade, and the public will have the opportunity to view the kids’ photos in an exhibition later in the year. Participant in the workshop Isabelle Humphries, who Ms MacRae said was a “star” at the trade, said she was getting a lot out of the workshop’s innovative approach.

“It’s pretty cool, it’s a bit difficult because we’ve been set a scavenger hunt challenge,” she explained.

“We have to do stuff like get a photo of a stranger, a self-portrait, a person with a dog…right now we’re searching for someone wearing red.

“It’s a good idea!”

The workshop ran in Tumut on Tuesday and Tumbarumba on Wednesday, and focused on street photography – something Robyn MacRae has studied in London and Chicago. She’s also well versed in portraiture generally, evidenced by the fact that she is currently a finalist for the National Photographic Portrait Prize.

As well as being a great opportunity for the kids, she said the workshops had a lot of value for her as well.

“I had great fun today,” she said.

“It never ceases to amaze me, the talent of some of the kids…and lots of these creative kids get left behind in the HSC system.

“Our plan is we are going to print the best ones and exhibit them in an empty shop window as a bit of a gallery.”

School holiday activities will continue to run for the next week, with Street Art Pole Painting in Batlow on Sunday, June 9, Wholefood Cooking Class in Tumut on Monday, July 10, a Drumbeat Session on Tuesday, July 11, Drawing Workshops in Tumut also on July 11, a Plant Propagation Workshop in Tumut on Wednesday, July 12, Bushwalk along Blowering on Thursday, July 13, ‘Despicable Me 3’ at the Montreal Theatre also on July 13, and finally ‘Moana’ playing at the Batlow Bowling Club on Saturday, July 15.

The Tumut Neighbourhood Centre and Tumboosh in Tumbarumba are both holding jam-packed vacation care programs. Contact them directly for more information and bookings.

More information on the winter holiday program can be found on the website www.snowyvalleys.nsw.gov.au or by contacting Youth Development Officer Evan Saunders on 6941 2552, 0438 566 542, or [email protected]