Budding shooters visit Tumut Clay Target Club

Tumut Clay Target Club President, Lloyd McPherson takes a participant through the art of clay target shooting.

Tumut Clay Target Club held their annual “Come and Try Day” on Saturday May 8 at the club grounds with a good number of people turning up to try their hand at clay target shooting with some shooters travelling from as far away as Junee.

Some came to make further enquiries into clay target shooting for future reference with another 15 participants, all with varying levels of talent, eager to have a go, some using a firearm for the first time.

After a compulsory half hour induction to safety and clay target shooting, those willing were divided into two groups by way of experience, with some having used a firearm previously or holding a current licence, or those who have never used a firearm before or those with very little experience.

There were plenty of entertaining moments with approximately 1200 targets thrown on the day. 

There was nothing but praise from all the participants, who enjoyed a barbeque lunch, and for the way the day was conducted, by the end of the day all participants had managed to hit targets and the conversation quickly turned too bragging rights where son may of beat dad or mum may of beat the whole family. 

Matt Gorman addressed all participants at day’s end, raising some highlights and thanking all those for turning up and making the day a great success.

May Shoot results

Tumut Clay Target Club’s May shoot winners Steven Gentle, Adam Yan and Damian Rowett with Tumut Clay Target Club President Lloyd McPherson.

Tumut Clay Target Club held their monthly competition shoot the following day on May 9 with a 100-target programme offered over three events. 

25-target cash divide

The first event was 25-target single barrel cash divide with Canowindra shooter Damian Burt and Tumut shooter Adam Yan the only two participants to shoot a perfect score of 25/25.

Third in AA-Grade was Giulio Serafin (Yass), David Crane (Canberra) and Damian Rowett (Boorowa), who all finished on 23/25.

A-Grade 1st: Anton Horn and Lloyd McPherson both from Tumut 24/25; 3rd: Matt Gorman (Tumut) 23/25.

B-Grade 1st: Vicki McDonough (Wagga) 21/25, 2nd: Bruce Mayo (Tumut) 20/25, 3rd: Melisa Burt (Canowindra) 19/25.

C-Grade 1st: Steven Gentle (Wagga) 20/25, 2nd: Karina Thatcher and Andrew Roberts (Tumut) 19/25. 

All winners took a share of the cash pool.

50 Continental Targets Championship.

Continental targets make for a slightly more difficult target with changes to elevation and sideways direction at the same time. 

Four shooters shot a perfect score of 50/50, which was Damian Rowett, Giulio Serafin, Adam Yan and Jye Baker.

After a shoot-off lasting another 50 targets, it was Rowett who won the overall Championship with a perfect score of 100/100.

AA-Grade 1st: Giulio Serafin 99/100

A-Grade 1st: Anton Horn 48/50. 2nd: Lloyd McPherson: 45/50.

B-Grade 1st: Vicki McDonough 47/50, 2nd: Melisa Burt with 49/55.

C-Grade 1st: Steven Gentle 48/50, 2nd: Karina Thatcher 42/50.

25-target Handicap results

In the 25-target handicap, shooters with the least ability may shoot as far forward as 15 metres, and those shooters with the highest ability from as far back as 25 metres. 

Two shooters shot the possible score of 25/25 and after another seven targets in shoot off conditions and it was Steven Gentle winning with a score of 32/32.

2nd: Grant Thatcher 31/32, 3rd: Jye Baker 37/38, 4th: David Crane 36/38, 5th: Melisa Burt 27/29.

High Guns

Overall High gun: Adam Yan 98/100.

Ladies: 1st: Vicki McDonough 91/100, 2nd: Melisa Burt 88/100, 3rd: Karina Thatcher 84/100.

Veteran: 1st: Giulio Serafin 91/100, 2nd: Bruce Mayo 88/100, 3rd: Michael Rouse 78/100.