Bush Bridge Weekend win

Bridge players Fay Miller, Jennette Rosetta, Joan Piper, and Jo Armstrong travelled to Ganmain for the Bush Bridge Weekend, along with Graham Rosetta and Kate Graham, not pictured.

The Tumut Bridge Club cleaned up at the Bush Bridge Weekend in Ganmain last weekend, with all of the six representatives coming away with a prize.

Jennette and Graham Rosetta took out the overall grand trophy for the weekend, while Joan Piper and Jo Armstrong won two out of three sessions in the east-west section, and Fay Miller and Kate Graham came in third in one session.

It’s a fantastic result for the small club, but Club President Jennette Rosetta said the best part of the weekend is simply having a good time.

“Bush Bridge Weekend is to promote bridge in the country areas, and it’s a very casual relaxed weekend,” she said.

“Socially bridge is great to meet other people who like playing cards, and it’s marvellous for your mind. People are promoting it as being like gymnastics for your mind because you’ve got to think, but it’s still a fun game – and don’t say it’s just for brainy people because it’s not, it’s for anyone!”

The Bush Bridge Weekend brought 56 players to the small town of Ganmain, filling up both hotels, with people travelling from Canberra, Griffith, Leeton, Narrandera, and so on. There are three sessions of bridge, broken up with group meals, games of darts, and drinks.

“You can imagine what the bridge is like on the Saturday night after we’ve had a few drinks; very enjoyable!” laughed Ms Rosetta.

Bridge is a trick-taking game with fairly complicated rules, which is what makes it so beneficial for staying sharp and mentally active. It can be intimidating to beginners, though, which is why the Tumut Bridge Club is offering free lessons to new members – call Fay Miller on 6947 1620 to get involved.

“Tumut seems to be the only small town that doesn’t have a lot of bridge, unfortunately!” said Ms Rosetta.

“All the other towns I know are really keen on playing bridge. We have Wagga over visiting, Tumbarumba comes down and we have lunches and play bridge, so it’s a very nice social activity.

“If you are a younger person and you’re thinking of playing don’t think ‘it’s all oldies.’ We are an older club but we’d love to have younger people come. Once you get away from Tumut, for example when you go to Canberra, you get all the uni students playing! They’re beaut, they’re such strong players.”

Contact Fay Miller on 6947 1620 to see if the Tumut Bridge Club is for you.