Butcher’s business triples

Fulla Fresh Meats butcher Mick Piper busy at work on Thursday.

LIKE for many other businesses, the past week has been unprecedented for Tumut’s Fulla Fresh Meats due to the impact of coronavirus.

The demand for meat has gone through the roof, with more than triple the usual amount of people coming in to buy.

“It’s incredible,” Fulla’s Mick Piper said.

“It’s bigger than a Christmas. Christmas is always big for us, but we can prepare for Christmas, whereas we couldn’t see this coming.”

Mr Piper ordered this week’s meat last week, when the extent of the world-wide panic buying spree wasn’t known.

“It all started happening Monday,” Mr Piper said.

He fears that the butchery may run out of stock sometime today, and is struggling to get in replacements.

“I’ll get through with something,” he said.

“A lot of stuff’s gone (already).”

Sausages, rissoles and eggs are proving the most popular items.

“We started making snags this morning at five o’clock,” Mr Piper said.

Fulla Fresh supplies meat to many businesses in Tumut, especially pubs, and is holding back a supply of meat so it can continue to do so.

“The domestic side might run out but we will continue to supply the pubs,” he said.

Butchers across the country are reporting similar behaviour with mince in particular soaring in demand and price.