Campdraft facing likely postponement

The Tumut Rodeo and Campdraft Club could be forced to postpone their campdraft until January 15, 16 and 17.

The Tumut Campdraft and Rodeo Club could be forced to postpone their always popular campcraft that is currently slated to be held over three days on December 3, 4 and 5. 

Club President Brad ‘Gus’ Malone said the committee would make a decision later today, citing the wet weather and entry into Tumut Showground as reasons why the event may be postponed until mid-January. 

“We have a bit of meeting set for Friday (today),” Malone said. 

“We are going to make a call about postponing the campdraft until January 15, 16 and 17. 

“If we get this rain, there is no possible way we can get semi-trailers and trucks into the showground with the weather being so inclement over the last couple of months.”

Malone explained the arena itself had held up to the wet weather but getting cattle and competitors into the grounds without any issues was the main concern. 

“We have no worries about our surface in the arena. It always holds up and is one of the best around,’ Malone said. 

“It’s just the access and getting all the trucks and people in there.

“It’s unfortunate, but we must work with it and model our draft around the wet weather.” 

Generally, drought and drier weather is the biggest issue for local campdrafts, and with the Tumut Rodeo and Campdraft committee battling drought prior to 2019, then Covid-19 for the past two seasons, and now wet-weather, Malone joked it was an endless battle.

“One minute you can’t get cattle because of the drought and the next minute there is too much feed, and we can ‘t get trucks into the showground,” Malone laughed. 

“I don’t have sour grapes about it, but it is a process you have to go through, and we will just try and make a date that suits everyone.”

Huge numbers have entered the 2021 Tumut campdraft, and Malone expected bigger entries in early 2022 if the club is forced to postpone their event.

“We had 2200 entries. We opened up for 24 hours, and that 2200 was straight off the bat and it is one of those things, we can only take 1300-1400 entries plus finals, so we had to trim it back,” Malone said. 

“It is pretty hard decision to try allocate runs and try and fit everyone in and make everyone as happy as possible and I know that it’s hard and now we will probably get 2500 entries early next year, but it is the way it is.” 

A decision on next weekend’s Tumut campdraft will be made today and readers can find out the outcome in Tuesday’s Tumut and Adelong Times or by visiting the Tumut Rodeo and Campdraft Facebook page.