Canberra Raiders rock into Adelong schools

Canberra Raiders players Luke Bateman and Andre Niko with Adelong Public School students on Friday.

CANBERRA Raiders players and NRL staff visited Adelong Public School and St Joseph’s Primary School at Adelong as part of their tour of fire-affected regions on Friday.

The message students were brought was respect, with the theme “pass the ball like you would like it passed to you,” a new version of “do unto others as you would have them do to you.”

The players, Luke Bateman and Andre Niko, shared with the students they ways they respect themselves, which include eating healthy food, practicing good hygiene, getting plenty of sleep, blocking out negative thoughts and having limited screen time (phones).

A video presentation was shown where different NRL players talked about what they did to show respect for themselves.

The two Canberra players talked with the kids about how they show respect for others, which included shaking hands, saying hello, meeting together turning up to things on time, listening, sharing, understanding and treating them like they themselves would want to be treated.

The students were asked how many of them supported the Raiders at Adelong Public, and due to the large number that put their hands up, it was suspected that some were just claiming to be because the players were at the school. One girl said she was a Raiders supporter that day, but would be changing back to the Warriors the next day.

St Joseph’s also had a good number of Raiders supporters.

The players played games with the kids that taught them to have respect and consideration for others.

Earlier in the day, the Raiders visited Tumut High School and McAuley Catholic Central School.