Car torching tally rises

The remains of a Holden Commodore found burnt out at Log Bridge Road last Tuesday.

Tumut has again been hit with the scourge of car burning, with one burnt out on Saturday, and an attempt made to burn out another on Sunday night.

This follows the burning of another car on Log Bridge Creek Road near Blowering last week.

Tumut Fire and Rescue and Police responded to reports of a car on fire in the Tumut Common at 7.10am on Saturday morning.

They quickly arrived to find the Holden Commodore engulfed by fire and beyond saving about 500 metres into the Common from Forest Street. The fire crew put it out in about 10 to 15 minutes.

Police said the vehicle had not been reported stolen.

The Tumut owner of a 1999 model Ford Falcon was lucky not to have their car incinerated on Sunday night.

Police were patrolling in Forest Street when they saw flames next to the vehicle, which was parked outside the owner’s home.

They stopped and found a soft drink bottle with a toilet paper wick burning next to the front tyre of the car, and quickly extinguished it.

Paintwork on the car had been blackened, and inquiries are continuing.

A VT Holden Commodore sedan was found burnt out on Log Bridge Road near Blowering at 2pm on Tuesday last week (July 31).

Fortunately, only the car had burnt and nearby bushland had not ignited. Again Police said the car had not been reported stolen.

A Commodore station wagon smoulders after Tumut Fire and Rescue extinguished the car fire on Sunday morning.