Christmas decorations get a country twist

The McCormick family: Jo, Dan, Jimmy, Brianna, Taylah and Mick with their Christmas construction.

The McCormick family has swapped Christmas lights for hay bales this Christmas, assembling a truck for Santa and displaying it proudly on their Gocup Road property to the delight of passer-by’s and neighbours.

The display has gained the attention of those outside of town as well, with one post shared on social media reaching over 600 likes.

“Nearly every time we go to town, someone comes up here and takes a photo,” Mick said. “It’s been a bit of a hit.”

This is the first year the family has put up a Christmas display of this style. Dan said they decided to do it because his three children are getting older and getting into the Christmas spirit more and more.

“We just thought the kids are getting a bit bigger and it’s all about the kids for Christmas, so we thought we’d do something a bit special and different.”

The family says they were not expecting to get such a big response to their hay creation.

“Especially when we were setting up, every second car [was beeping their horn],” Dan said.

They’ve received a bunch of positive feedback online, from witty comments like “Looks like Santa’s out on bale” to photographs people have taken as they drove by.

The family began construction of the truck in their hay shed before bringing it down to the road for display. The project consists of 52 bales of hay, and a bit of construction work.

“Out on the farm it’s ideal to make it out of hay,” Mick said.

He explained how they had to construct a frame to hold the roof up, and paint corrugated iron red to place behind the repurposed tyres.

“Now we’ve made it and we’ve made the wheels, we only have to store it,” Mick added, suggesting the truck could reappear next year with a few alterations.

“The year that 2020’s been for everybody, to sort of do something that puts a bit of a smile on people’s face at Christmas time, why not?”

The Roots family who live out past Adelong also got creative with hay bales for Christmas this year, inspired by their neighbours putting up lights and a hay Christmas tree.

The Roots family have also been getting creative with hay bales this Christmas, painting one as Santa and placing them on display at their Snowy Mountains Highway property past Adelong.

“It was actually between me and my neighbour, he did one first, he built a Christmas tree,” Dave Roots said. “He sort of started it and we decided to do something a bit different.”

It’s the first time the family has decorated with hay bales, with Dave’s wife Jenna and their children Toby, Lochie and Brydee all getting involved.

“What happened last year with the fires and everything, we thought we’d have a bit of fun this year,” Dave said.

It only took them half an hour to paint the hay bales, and Dave said the family would consider doing it again for future Christmas celebrations.