Clear messages to candidates from Talbingo and Adelong

TALBINGO punched above its weight when 25 of its residents turned up for the meet the candidates night at the Talbingo Country Club last Wednesday night.

Candidates Cate Cross, Julia Ham, James Hayes, Margaret Isselman, Cor Smit and Bruce Wright turned up, and Diane Smith of Talbingo Tourist Park was impressed with what they offered.

“It was very good; they all gave their spiel about who they were and what they would like to bring to the new council,” she said.

“It was very well received, and everyone was happy they had made the effort.”

Mr Hayes said the candidates received a clear messae from those gathered.

“They want a cohesive new council that will forget the problems of the past and focus on local issues; basically a council that works.”

The same six candidates were at Adelong Services and Citizens Club the following evening for the Adelong session. Again, the people delivered clear messages to the candidates.

“They said there was a need to improve council’s customer service,” Mr Hayes said.

“There is also a need not to forget Adelong.”

Mr Hayes is a resident of and advocate for Adelong.

“In the past, and with the new regime, per capita with funding, Adelong is down. In the funding rounds, it has been left at the post.”

Mr Hayes realizes that the candidates who are elected have a big job ahead of them.

“People are concerned about the future, and this is the lot we have been given, so how do we make it work?” he said.

“We need a council that makes sure it listens to the community and considers the rate payer.

I am confident we can get a good council out of these candidates, and I hope that whoever misses out will be able to step in if one of the councilors is no longer available.”