Community groups celebrate grants

The Tumut Potters Club, who will be able to afford a new electric kiln thanks to their Stronger Communities grants.
The Tumut Potters Club, who will be able to afford a new electric kiln thanks to their Stronger Communities grants.

Fifty nine community groups received $1.4 million in grants from the Snowy Valleys Council Stronger Communities grants last week.

One of those was the Tumut Potters Club, who received $9923 for a new electric kiln.

Club president Georgina Olive said an electric kiln will be safer than their current gas one, and will also enable the club to make more pottery.

“It’ll be wonderful, the electric kiln. At the moment we have a gas one on loan,” she said.

“We do lots of work with children, and it will mean that we can fire constantly without having to wait for one lot to be done. There’ll be two kilns, so it’ll make life a little easier for all concerned.

“It’ll be lovely – the last one we had fell to pieces, this is a thrill to have a new one.

“The electric type is a lot easier to use. You just turn it on. With the gas I have to go down, light the kiln, sit for an hour before I can turn it up – it’s a lot more expensive with a gas kiln as well.”

The Tumut Clay Target Club’s grant is also a win for safety, enabling them to buy an automatic emergency defibrillator (AED) for their shooting range.

Club secretary Phil Green said the club would sleep easier knowing that the AED was there in the unlikely event it would be needed.

“We are several kilometres out of town and we all know that getting and sustaining primary first aid treatment is critical to the success of any unexpected situation,” he said.

“The defibrillator is great insurance for everyone, we regularly have a good field of veteran competitors and several grandparents along to watch the juniors and we just don’t know when the use of the AED may be required. It is comforting to know that emergency support is available if needed.”

Mr Green said anyone situation where there were large amounts of people gathering should have all their medical bases covered.

“We share our locality with the pistol and archery clubs, and we will be investing ways to make sure that the device is readily available to these clubs should the need arise. Between the three clubs we have developed three great ranges, and it’s not unusual to see in excess of 100 people partaking in shooting or archery at bigger competitions.”

“It’s a credit to our town.”

Other niche organisations that received grants include the Tumut Art Society, the Khancoban Angling Club, and the Tumut Junior Cricket Organisation.