Cotterill ready to star for Redmen

The Star Redmen’s Tallis Cotterill breaks free of Woolpack Jets defenders before scoring as try on Friday night.

If the Star Redmen are any chance of qualifying for the Bristow/Madigan Plate final next week, they will need to do away with the Batlow Tigers by a big margin tonight and hope results go their way in the final round of the Tumut Pub 9s competition at Twickenham.

Leading the Redmen’s charge has been the in-form Tallis Cotterill, who has been one of the best in the 2021 Tumut Pub 9s. 

The wiry edge player has a good mix of strength and speed and on more than one occasion, he has busted a game wide open. 

While the Star are still a chance of finals, the 19-year-old explained that his side has missed golden opportunities to win games over the past fortnight.

“(We’re) definitely looking to just get the two points first,” Cotterill said. 

“It’s a shame, if things panned out slightly different the last two weeks, we are in a completely different position.”

Ahead them is the fourth-placed Batlow Tigers, who boast a large pack and some Fijian firepower.

“Batlow are a big strong side, but I think we will be up to it as we were against the big Royal pack,” Cotterill said.

As far as getting the win, Cotterill said Star needed to score points when they had the chance. 

“I’d say trying to capitalise on all our opportunities is what we need to do,” Cotterill said. 

“It’s hard to keep all the ball possession for the full game, so when we are down there, we need to make the most of it (and) a few inclusions this week should also help us.”

Regardless of whether the Star make finals or not, the former Gundagai Tiger has enjoyed his time in the Tumut Pub 9s.

“I have loved it, more for the chance to play with new players and the social side of the whole comp,” Cotterill said. 

“I’m not playing Group 9 again this year, so this will be my footy fix done for the year.”

Players avoid Pub 9s suspension

Despite an early end to the Tumut Pub 9s encounter between the Adelong Green and Golds and Oriental Colts last Friday night, all players involved have avoided suspension. 

The contest was called off with just over three minutes remaining, with on-field officials blowing the whistle after multiple melees ensued, resulting in Colts’ players Lewis Aitken and Gus Luke and Adelong’s Dan Lucas being sent from the field.

Adelong were ahead at the time, winning 17-4, and according to the Tumut Old Boys, who sent a letter to all teams on Wednesday, an Adelong win would stand. 

“If a game is terminated by the officiating referee within a time frame where a team is leading by a substantial margin and the team with the least number of points has instigated or involved in the misdemeanant has no chance of victory, the team with the leading margin shall retain their points,” the letter read. 

Furthermore, the letter explained that Lewis Aitken, who was deemed to have a case to answer following the game, avoided suspension.

“A judiciary hearing was held on Monday evening relating to game three, where the case against the Oriental Colts player wearing No 4 (Lewis Aitken) guernsey was heard,” the letter read. 

“The Judiciary resolved, after the player had pleaded guilty, due to the circumstances surrounding the incident, where players from both teams were involved, and a number of those players escaping the attention of game officials, the Colts player was issued with a severe caution and advised that the behavior witnessed last Friday night will not be tolerated.”

With only one round left of the Tumut Pub 9s, the Old Boys reiterated to teams that the Pub 9s was a tool for players to get fit and enjoy the sport and not for fighting.

“A reminder to players and officials, the concept of the Roddy Shield Pub 9s is designed to give the youth of the Snowy Valleys Council an opportunity to play rugby league in a safe and healthy environment,” the letter read. 

“For the majority of players, the competition is a form of pre-season training prior to the forthcoming Rugby League competition. 

“It would be appreciated if coaches, managers and/or licensees would remind their players that the Pub 9s is a social game of rugby league, to have fun and enjoy playing the game we love with their mates.”

Tumut Pub 9s actions kicks off again tonight.