Crashes occurring all too often

Sir, – I write to you after being involved in a recent motor vehicle accident at the intersection of the Snowy Mountain Highway and Gocup Road, Tumut.

The reason for writing this letter is to hopefully prevent anyone else having this frightening experience and most importantly, preventing any fatalities.

At the immediate time of the accident, several good samaritans stopped (thank you) to assist and as more local people attended, a very strong theme was heard and noted.

This intersection appeared to be famous to the locals for being dangerous. In fact I wish I kept count of the number of times it was referred to as “that bloody intersection”.

During my hospital stay and as I relayed the story to more people over the subsequent days, the notoriety of this intersection was evident.

One local lady even stated (as she held my hand) that she has held the hand of many an accident victim at this intersection in the 30 years that she has lived in Tumut.

The signage is very poor as the road approaches the intersection, and these roads appear to be a major route for heavy vehicles, so surely if it is so well known for its danger (actual or potential) it should be a focus for review.

I would think that in light of the comments that have been made about this area of road, that it be reassessed for safety.

I ask (and will be asking in writing) for the Snowy Valleys Council, Mr Duncan Gay (Minister for Roads) and Mr Daryl Maguire (Member for Wagga Wagga) to revisit the safety of this intersection with haste.

I am not local to the area, but am aiming to contribute to the safety of this road and prevent anyone else, local or not, having to experience what I am experiencing as a result of the accident.

Hopefully the review is undertaken quickly as a part of the roads upgrade as I am sure that Tumut would rather be famous for something else other than “that bloody intersection.”

I look forward to hearing about the changes that are made.

Yours etc,

Wendy Villella