Cross country trip leads Peggy to Snowy Valleys Cycle Challenge

Peggy Carpenter after completing the 72km Snowy Valleys Cycle Challenge ride, which meant she had ridden 440km for the week after first leaving from her home base in Griffith.

There were a few weary legs after the Snowy Valleys Cycle Challenge that kicked off in Adelong on Sunday and took riders surrounding towns, but none wearier than Griffith Cycle Club member, Peggy Carpenter. 

The keen cyclists racked up the kilometres last week, leaving home in the middle of the week, before making the nearly 370km journey to Adelong, before completing in the 72km ride. 

Carpenter who loves to travel and cycle camp has been starved of opportunities due to Covid-19, and explained that the Snowy Valleys Cycle Challenge was an opportunity for her to try her passion a little closer to home.

“I love cycling camping and since there is no overseas travel, I thought I would try a local cycle camping holiday and I had something in mind, but then I saw this event come up and I thought I would ride here,” Carpenter said. 

“I stayed in Narrandera the first night, then Junee, then Gundagai then I finished up here in Adelong.” 

The 440km trip was no ordinary week for the Griffith cyclist. 

“I did the 72km today and I’ve done 440km this week and I’m buggered,” Carpenter laughed. 

“I normally do about 150km to 180km riding a week. I am feeling very tired.”

Journeying to Adelong didn’t deter Carpenter from taking on the 72km ride, although she admitted the hilly landscape was testing on her tired legs. 

“I thought after my big ride carrying 25kg of gear, this might be an anticlimax, but it wasn’t, it absolutely wasn’t,” Carpenter said. 

“The hills were really tough and there were big steep hills that I’m just not used too.”

Despite the challenges, Carpenter loved the ride, stopping at Batlow and admiring the beautiful landscape. 

“I have enjoyed it a lot. It has really beautiful scenery and really nice country side to ride through and the 72km option for someone who doesn’t ride hills very much is quite doable,” Carpenter said.

“We also stopped for coffee in Batlow and just chilled out there, which was nice.” 

Carpenter laughed off the idea of riding home though, explaining that she had ridden enough and now deserved a break. 

“Heck no, I’ll be driving,” laughed Carpenter. 

“I’ve done enough riding this week.”