Cycle classic helps fund new beds for hospital

Dr Tarek Sari, Dr Osman Darwiche, Tumut Nurse Unit Manager Jenny Lees, and Back & Foot Clinic operator Andrianna Benjamin showcasing one of the beds

Five brand new resuscitation beds have arrived at the Tumut Hospital thanks to $40,000 raised from the Tumut Cycle Classic in January this year, as well as money donated by the community.

The new beds were unveiled on Thursday and have an individual value of around $8,000 and are already in use.

Approved by NSW Health, the beds have many capabilities to assist doctors and nurses in both emergency and post surgery care, such as being able to lower and manoeuvre the beds during CPR operations more efficiently from the click of a button as opposed to through manual adjustment. They are also specially equipped to take up to 250 kilograms in weight.

Nurse Unit manager at Tumut Hospital Jenny Lees said that the beds’ functionality with automated control and ability to be easily manoeuvred will make a huge difference for staff and patients.

“It means that we are able to perform more safely and quickly in emergency situations. They’re much easier to work with,” she said.

Ms Lees said funding the beds had been a community-wide effort.

“We had a lot of local businesses and community members donate funds for the cause. It demonstrates how important the community feels about getting amenities at the hospital because, after all, anyone at anytime might need to use them,” she said.

Organisers of the Tumut Cycle Challenge Dr Osman Darwiche and Dr Tarek Sari agreed that the generous support from the community had lead to obtaining the important commodities.

“We are extremely grateful to the community in supporting the challenge over the years since it started in 2015,” Dr Darwiche said.

“We are glad that we have been able to contribute to the community in this way,” Mr Osman said.

Last year, the Tumut Cycle Classic managed to raise $40,000 which went towards the purchase of an endoscope utility pack. Dr Darwiche said that since its inception, the Classic has managed to raise almost $100,000 for equipment at the hospital.

“The Tumut hospital really wishes to thank the Tumut Cycle Classic and the kind donations from the Tumut community. Every little bit goes a long way,” Ms Lees said.

It is expected that the next cycle classic will take place on January 14