Cycle Classic mobility chairs arrive

(Standing) Toni Laney, Summit Pharmacy; David Aber, Snowy Valleys Council General Manager; Anthony Goode, Goode’s Coaches; Tim O’Malley, Tumut Toyota; Tarek Sari, Tumut Cycle Classic; Osman Darwiche, Tumut Cycle Classic; Katrina Walsh, Tumut Hospital Facility Manager; (Seated) Virginia Goode, Zac Zacharia Optometrists; Trudy Crawford, Snowy Valleys Council. Not pictured: major sponsors Sydney Muslim Cyclists and AusRelief.

The eight brand new mobility chairs purchased with the money raised from January’s Tumut Cycle Classic have finally arrived, and hospital staff are excited.

The chairs are extremely comfortable, and have brakes, recliners, and moveable armrests, which enables nurses to easily transport patients with low mobility around the hospital.

“The chairs are amazing,” said Tumut Hospital Facility Manager Katrina Walsh.

“We can actually utilise them to slide patients straight across if they’re mobility and transferring skills are not quite as high, and it gives us the option to wheel them out to the solarium to enjoy the sun, or to X-Ray and other procedures.”

On Thursday, Tumut Cycle Classic sponsors and organisers headed to the Tumut Hospital to admire the product of their fundraising.

They aren’t stopping to enjoy it for too long though – organising has already begun for next year’s event, which will be held on January 21.

This time they will be fundraising for a Endoscopy Telepack, which will allow surgical procedures to be done while the surgeon is looking at a screen rather than through a microscope, as Tumut Cycle Classic co-organiser Dr Osman Darwiche explained.

“Normally the surgeon looks into a microscope, but with this they can look at a big screen, and see their instruments in a much larger picture,” he said.

“If the patient is awake they can see that as well.

“If we can do these procedures in Tumut then it’s good for the hospital, and it’s good for the patient who doesn’t have to travel somewhere else; they can stay local.”

The Tumut Cycle Classic is looking for volunteers to help out for next year’s event.

Email [email protected] to get involved, or contact Dr Tarek Sari at the Tumut Back Clinic or Dr Osman Darwiche at the Tumut Family Medical Centre.

This year they raised $20,000 for the hospital.