Darlow Bridge to be repaired

The damaged Darlow Bridge is due for repair work.

Long-awaited work to repair the Darlow Bridge is scheduled to begin next month.

The bridge’s eastern side railing is badly damaged and in clear need of replacement, and this and other work on the bridge will be done. 

“Council is aware of the issues with Darlow Bridge,” a Snowy Valleys Council spokesperson said.

“The damage to the bridge has been assessed and scope of works developed for its repair. This includes repair of the bridge structure before the damaged guard rail can be replaced. 

“Funding has been allocated to undertake the repair works in this year’s budget with the works scheduled to commence in September subject to favourable weather conditions and the availability of resources.”

What the actual final cost will be is still being assessed by council.

Nearby resident and landholder Ross Smith said that about four years ago a “person from another shire” drove across the Darlow Creek bridge with his tractor and plough which was too wide for the bridge.

“On the way up Yaven Creek Road he broke all the railing off the eastern side of the bridge,” he said.

“On the way back he broke the railing off the western side of the bridge. We reported this to council the same day.” 

He believes that repairs council have carried out to the bridge are only minor but may be “detrimental to the integrity of the concrete on the bridge.” 

“Council say that they will replace the railings but I feel they may have to replace the concrete too as the railings have been pulled out of the concrete, compromising its strength in holding new railings,” he said.

“We wrote to council last year and phoned repeatedly this year wanting something done with this eyesore, but we still await some action.”