Decline in Tumut region motor vehicle thefts

Motor vehicle thefts are down in Tumut, according to recent data from the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council.

There were nine motor vehicle thefts in Tumut in 2016, down from 12 in 2015.

Six thefts were passenger/light commercial vehicles (cars), one was a motorcycle and two were “other.” There were additionally three motor vehicle thefts from Batlow, two passenger/light commercial vehicles and one motorcycle, all valued at less than $5000.

In 2015 all thefts in Tumut and Batlow were passenger/light commercial vehicles.

In all of NSW, there were 33 motor vehicle thefts per day.

The National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council is a combined group of government, insurance operators, and other stakeholders working to minimise vehicle thefts – and this crime has actually halved over the past five years.

“One out of every 120 Australian households fell victim to car theft in the past 12 months,” said an NMVTRC spokesperson.

“But the truth is, everyone is a victim of car theft, whether they’ve had a car stolen or not, through higher insurance premiums.

“In Australian today a vehicle is stolen every 11 minutes. This is less than half the rate it was five years ago.”

The NMVTRC credits the reduction to better technology, security ratings that allow people to choose more secure cars when purchasing, more awareness of individual behaviour like off-street parking, strict registration regulation, better law enforcement practices, and youth diversion programs as almost half of all car thefts are committed by young offenders.

Sixty-six per cent of motor vehicles stolen in Tumut last year were valued at less than $5000, with 16.7 per cent valued in between $10,000 and $20,000 and 16.7 per cent valued between $20,000 and $30,000.