Deputy says he has unfinished business

Deputy Mayor John Larter (left) will serve another year beside Snowy Valleys Mayor James Hayes.

Snowy Valleys Council Deputy Mayor John Larter will serve another year in the role after being re-elected on a margin of 5-4.

The Snowy Valleys Council last week experienced some technical difficulties during its regular meeting on Thursday afternoon, which meant members of the public weren’t able to watch live as Deputy Mayor John Larter was re-elected to serve another term.

Cr Larter was nominated by Mayor James Hayes and in addition to his own vote, Cr Larter received the support of Crs Hayes, Isselmann, Pritchard and Benjamin.

“I just feel that we’ve got some unfinished business and there’s a lot of really good projects that I’m passionate about for the community that I’d like to see delivered or at least given the green light before new council elections,” said Cr Larter.

“James and I work well together and we’ve got a good relationship with the staff and the councillors. 

“It’s an honour and privilege to be elected as the Deputy Mayor. It’s a significant position and a recognition of the good work we’ve been doing and hopefully continue to do.”

Cr Larter said he wanted to continue pursuing the proposed Multi-Purpose Centre for Tumut and improvements to the airport, along with upgrades for the Brindabella Road, which might be achieved “in stages”. 

Cr Larter said he hadn’t yet “ruled in or out” a run for SVC next year, but was still considering the necessary balance he needed to strike with six kids, his wife’s work commitments and his own work commitments with the ambulance service. 

“I’m very passionate about local government, I think it’s a great opportunity to be involved in your local community and make some positive changes and differences, but it does have a massive toll on your family life and your private life. They’re all things that you need to weigh,” he said.

Cr Larter said the current council has proven to be a “really good team of people” who respect one another even when they disagree. He said he’d also be influenced to run if other strong candidates put their name forward next year. He directly named former mayor Sue Bulger as a councillor he’d like to work with in the future.

One other candidate for the position of Deputy Mayor was nominated last week. Cr Julia Ham was put forward for the role of Deputy Mayor, nominated by Cr Cate Cross. In addition to her own vote, Cr Ham was supported by Crs Cross, Wright and Smit.