Doctor on the ball

Osman Darwiche will jet off to Austria with the Docceroos.

Tumut GP Osman Darwiche will join soccer-mad medical professionals from across the nation in Austria this month for the World Medical Football Championships.

When not seeing patients and keeping the community fit and healthy, Tumut Family Medical Centre’s Dr Darwiche can be found carving up the soccer field.

Dr Darwiche has been kicking the ball around for as long as he can remember, and plays for the Tumut Eagles team in the local competition.

This month, he is off to Austria, as part of the Australian Master Docceroos team competing at the 23rd World Medical Football Championships this month.

The Master Docceroos are an over 45s soccer team comprised exclusively of Australian medical professionals.

The team travel internationally each year to compete in the tournament, with this year’s championship being held in the town of Leogang.

Founded by Brisbane-based GP Dr Alan Jones in 2003, the Docceroos entered the World Medical Football Championships for the first time that year. In 2014, a new team was formed to play in the Masters Tournament, comprising a seven-a-side team of over 45s.

As one of the fifteen members of this year’s Masters squad, Dr Darwiche said that he believes the Championships are a great experience.

“I’m really excited about it, representing Australia with doctors from all over the country. It’s a great thing,” he said.

The Masters Docceroos team encompasses a variety of specialties, including General Practitioners, Accident and Emergency specialists, surgeons and medical physicians from across the country.

The annual tournament provides the Australian doctors with an opportunity to practice what they preach, by promoting participation in regular exercise.

“I have played sport all my life, and I always encourage a healthy lifestyle. I hope that by being a humble example myself, it might encourage others to get out and do the same,” Dr Darwiche said.