Doreen’s 105th birthday

Doreen Gunn (right) with her daughter Lorraine Clarke (left) on her 105th birthday on Tuesday.

Bupa resident Doreen Gunn reached an incredible milestone on Tuesday – she turned 105 years of age.

A birthday party at Bupa celebrated Doreen’s big day in style, with balloons, cake, and family members coming down from Cootamundra and Sydney to enjoy the festivities.

It was the perfect way to make the centenarian feel loved – according to her kids, she was a renowned party animal back in the day.

“She’s very jovial, always the last to leave the party,” said Doreen’s son Laurence.

“She loves music, and loves riding her scooter.”

Doreen’s favourite band, Gedupndans, played live at the birthday party free of charge, the third year in a row they have provided the backing track to Doreen’s birthday celebrations.

There were plenty of people there, but thankfully not Doreen’s full family – they wouldn’t fit in the room!

She has 126 descendants from her eight children, including three lots of five generations Doreen has been able to meet while still alive.

However, there is one family member particularly close to her heart – her daughter Lorraine Clarke, with whom she has lived up until only three weeks ago, when she moved into Bupa Aged Care Residence.

“I lived with my daughter for years and years and years – she’s a good daughter,” Doreen said.

She’s seen a lot over the years, including two World Wars, the invention of the aeroplane, and the Harbour Bridge being built.

She’s received celebratory letters from the Queen, the Governor General, and the Prime Minister.

However, when it comes to what she thinks about the world at the grand old age of 105, she doesn’t get too philosophical.

“I wouldn’t have a clue!” she said.